Location: Orcha, India 2014

who was sitting on your bag? The bags are made from vintage leather of couches and chairs. Every bag has its own story. Easy wearable…

Location: Morongulo, Mozambique

Corporate branding / logo / business cards / advertisement / car branding Company description: BandenThuis delivers good quality tires and rims, and mount them on cars at any location…

Location: Himba tribe, Namibia

Location: Drakensbergen-Lesotho, South Africa

Location: Nawalgarh, India 2014  

Corporate branding / logo / business cards / website / interior items Company description: Wrkshop offers a big variety of city games, workshops and other activities for…

Corporate branding / logo / business cards / website / packaging / retail display’s Company description: Woodera manufactures and sells wooden sunglasses.

Inspired by a bad habit, throwing your clothes on a chair. This coat hanger is designed to not feel guilty about throwing your clothes on this special chair….

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